Web Traffic & Ranking Metrics

Web Traffic Generation

Every website is hosted on a web server and there a specific traffic parameters that create site value, build trust and result in successful online visitor conversions.

What is Website Traffic?

When a user interact with a website, this is termed website traffic. Online traffic may originate from varying sources including laptops, smart phones, desktop PC, or other computer related devices that is able to initiate, engage in or sustain web related communications.

The web server will register every click that users make, pages visited as well as time spent on the website. This data can provide businesses and marketers with valuable insights as to how effective their online presence really is, or the value of the services / products being offered based on evidence from users’s interest.

Web Page Sessions, Click and Hits

Website traffic is determined by numerous factors including sessions, clicks and hits. Each visit to a website that results in a scroll, browsing or content interaction on the site’s page results in a session being created. Session durations can be short-lived or last for longer period before the user navigate to another page or a totally new site URL altogether.

If the user decide to revisit the website at a later time, then a new session is created for that interaction and not continued fro the first engagement. Sessions and clicks provides interesting insight as to user’s navigation pattern and browsing preference.

How Web Traffic Helps your Site?

Each page of a website is made up of numerous files which comes together to create a fully presentable page; When searched pages are loaded successfully on the user’s computer, this creates what is called a “Hit”. Higher level of user visit will result in more pages loaded, increased sessions and therefore higher hit rates for the website. This is pleasing to search engines and along with other ranking metrics can result in search engine results on pages (SERPs) thereby increasing your online popularity.